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ConferenceSocial Media Conference

Are you looking to find out more about social media, would you like to attend a social media conference? Then read on:

New Media Europe is a conference happening in London on 18-19 th June 2016

Packed with tools, workshops and information, this will put you into the environment for perfect immersion in new media and social media. Create your own network of people to share information and support.


If you visit this link New Media Europe 2016 you will be taken directly to the site to register. Some of the early benefits have already been snapped up, so get in fast as they are dwindling as you read this. This is an affiliate link so we do get a commission on any attendees, however, you do not pay any more. I have followed NME for the past two years. It is British led, with real, worldwide experts talking about things we need to know.

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