About Us

Having spent years in printing, and my father before me, we feel well versed in being able to answer your printing requirements, together with websites, social media and graphics. I have a personal interest in the Social Media industry together with my son, who is working in the large format industry, with a great skill range in vinyls and signage.

Jack, my son, has always had a passion for graphics and design. He likes to see things done right. His talent is aesthetics and blogging. Writing is something that comes very naturally for him, and being young, he has that modern grasp of short form writing, perfect for all of your blogging requirements.

Set the lion on fire

During 2008 I broke my ankle, causing a blood clot through the immobilisation, which in turn went onto my lungs and kept me in hospital for an extended period over a year. Instead of taking this as a negative, I was able to use my time, to listen to, and understand podcasts on social media. I have listened to literally tens of thousands of hours worth, and double checked their integrity through study online. I have covered every style and genre, and implemented those learnings since 2010. To this day I continue to listen daily to breaking news and updates.

My passion for the subject comes from never being able to get on top. It is fast moving and ever changing. This makes it interesting. Devilish even, with the multitude of tricks for young players.

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Businesses usually know (or at least feel) that they should be involved somehow in social media.  Generally, they will even have signed-up for a couple of channels such as Twitter and Facebook, for example.

However, they are confused by it all and unsure of how they can gain any sort of business advantage (leverage as it seems to be called these days).

Our USP is simple and powerful.

We understand social media and websites. We understand how a business can use social media to its advantage. We can create a simple yet potentially powerful online strategy.  We can help businesses to implement (perhaps even run) that strategy.  As long as we keep our costs below that, which it would cost a business to employ a member of staff to do the social media thing, we are great value for money!

‘Online marketing is a varying commodity to businesses. It can be of minimum benefit to some, it can be of maximum benefit to others. One thing is for sure, it will benefit all businesses in some way. To understand what it can do for your business, you need someone to understand the basic route of your business, the market you are aiming for and the end result you require. we are able to cut through the jargon, get to grips with your business profile and requirements and turn that into social media presence. No gimmicks, no jargon…..

Just, a plan to succeed with Social Media.’

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