Carrier Bags

Having worked in bag manufacturing Social Media and Print are able to take charge of the manufacturing process to ensure a quality product, whatever medium is used. Because of this manufacturing we can control processes in the product, and our quality product is delivered on time. Producing quality carrier bags manufactured in the UK, you can count on the product for your exhibition bags or conference bags, they will be there for when you need them.

Working with a whole range of different sizes, there is sure to be a size that suits your needs off the shelf, or in most instances we can manufacture bespoke to your exact requirements.

By working across a range of products Social Media and Print aim to suit your budget by being flexible in the product. Our flexibility will make the whole experience that much more enjoyable.

All of our products are delivered through third party courier services and originating identifications will be removed to protect your customers from seeing the chain of supply.

From our premises Social Media and Print will tie all of the processes together to ensure the product is manufactured on time and within your budget.

Bag Manufacturing

Our services cover the following ranges across paper, kraft and plastic bag manufacturing and are flexible enough to meet your every requirement.

UK Bag Manufacturer

Social Media and Print are proud to manufacture most of our products in the United Kingdom. With the exception of the import options most of our work is manufactured in various relevant factories in the UK on our behalf. Because of this simple fact we can offer our guarantee, that all work will be produced to the highest standard from five days up to three weeks.

By specialising in quick turnaround and short run work, we can act quickly on your carrier bag and our bag manufacturing will be in production throughout the whole year with a standard five days over Christmas.

Luxury for the Hotel Industry


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