Rope Handled Laminated Carriers

We offer rope handled paper laminated carrier bags, we can offer these in two ways, firstly lithographically printed in one to five colours. The ultimate in quality bespoke paper laminated bags. Produced in a range of sizes to suit your need or, for the price of a new cutting forme, available to your exact specification. We have a wide range of finishes, which include Gloss, Matt and Satin Lamination, Embossing, Foiling and UV Varnishing. With quantities available from 250 upwards and a turnaround of five days to twelve weeks from passed artwork dependent on quantity and complexity, and subject to our factory capacity. This is a very important point with bags, they are very complicated to piece all of the elements together, if you use up all the time for proofing and changes, there isn’t time left to manufacture the bags, your deadline for pass is absolutely critical to the last minute, if we are to guarantee a delivery. Missing this deadline could result in delivery being missed by some way as other orders will take precedence, especially in the case of orders shipping in from abroad. These bags are our premium product and Social Media and Print are obviously very proud of it’s product. Over the years we have seen many shapes and sizes and designs, and yet they still deliver that classy look and luxurious feel. If you have the budget, then this product will meet your needs for exhibition bags or product launches. A word of advice, if you are using bags for an exhibition then make your bag as big as you can afford, that way all the other products at the exhibition will go inside yours leaving your brand exposed to maximum effect.

For short runs use our digitally printed bags, these are your short run and individually personalised bag. The same materials are used as for our traditional bags, but the printing is digital, with its limitations, ie. no spot colours or avoiding solid areas of colour. This bag is available gloss or matt laminated.

All of our rope handle carriers come with top and bottom strengthener boards and can come with shoulder or hand held ropes or die cut handles, ribbons or ribbon ties can also be used for that touch of class.

Give us the chance to show our passion for this product and help you with your next project.


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