Twisted Paper Handle Carriers

These bags can be seen as being environmentally friendly, and are a cheaper alternative to Paper laminated bags, they come in brown or white kraft and sizes from A5 to A3. Because these bags are printed flexographically, four colour process printing can be done but needs a run of 10000 plus, to work out economically with the cost of stereos and cost of printing. We would recommend against solid colour bags or large areas of ink coverage. Clearly these can be done, but considering the bag as a cheaper alternative, it makes sense to move towards one or two colours with up to 50% coverage on face of bag. For quoting purposes, we also need to know whether your image is to be one or two sides.

We can start quantities for one colour at 1000 bags, up to reasonably 50000 for all colours. These twisted paper handle carriers are less flexible as they come in set sizes, and printing has to fit into production, meaning lead times are not so flexible. The kraft material varies from 90gsm to 120gsm subject to the vagaries of supply and demand. Handles are available in white, black or brown.

The rubber stereos whilst being extremely hard wearing do make image definition inconsistent, edges are not so sharp and the screening process itself is very coarse, meaning the detail or shading is sometimes lost, however they serve a purpose being the cheaper brother of the laminated paper or rope handled carrier bag.

We have recently introduced our short run Wine Bottle carrier over on our Rude Wrap Ecommerce site here

Or a more premium Litho printed Twisted paper carrier bag for shorter runs here.


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