Polythene Carrier Bags

The polythene carrier bag industry in the UK has always been in turmoil, inconsistent pricing and hard to reach answers on what you can and cannot have. The aim of this page is to help focus your mind into what you can have, all manufactured in the UK and then offer you the variants of type of bag with clear guidance on quantities and options and timings. I believe the information contained here is exactly what you need to eliminate your plastic and polythene carrier bag buying problems. The very first thing you need to bear in mind with your carrier bag is how many colours are you going to want to reproduce. If you are thinking four colour process ie photos, and your final quantity is less than 5000 then forget it, the stereo cost alone could be up to £1000 before a single bag is even printed. The complexities mean the cost is high and should only be used for extremely long runs or where you already hold the stereos. This then leaves you up to six spot colours onto a white or coloured polythene carrier bag. If you go for a coloured polythene carrier bag then ensure your printing colour is dark/dense enough to sit on top or the base colour will show through. Another mistake people make is to go for 100% ink coverage. The two problems with this is, firstly, the stereo cost is high (based on mm sq.) and secondly the ink will have a tendency to rub and so isn’t best practice. Most manufacturers in the UK will quote you based on two sides up to 50% area coverage of ink. This is a consideration as one side will reduce the stereo costs and setup time. Note the 50% coverage, if you go for larger areas of ink on your bag then the stereo costs will start to go up.

Polythene or plastic carrier bags can be printed to any specification. We combine a wide choice of designs sizes and styles to produce practical and attractive packaging for your customers or yourselves which suits the consumer driven market. Plastic barrier bags can be a very flexible and economical option. Providing convenience for end users, with an ideal way to way to package and carry their goods. Social Media and Print are highly experienced in the manufacture and supply of polythene and plastic carrier bags of all shapes, colours and designs. Polythene carrier bags can be manufactured with a high standard of quality, not just a cheap carrier bag. Permutations for the different flexible handles gives a wide variety of bag and style.

Most users of plastic carrier bags are now aware of the potential suffocation risk, and small breather holes can be added to most of these bags as a precaution. Their potential environmental impact is also widely known hence our biodegradable polythene at no extra charge. Compostable bags can also be supplied, though we find the high premium detracts from the potential benefits in use. Social Media and Print favours a sensible approach to recycling and waste management issues and all of our bags are biodegradable plastic bags at no extra cost, which gives you an economical bag without the worry of damaging the environment. So for eco plastic bags or business plastic bags call us now on the number below

In the plastic industry sizes are usually given in inches on width x height x gusset basis, the two most popular sizes are 14x18x3″ and the most economical 15x18x3″. Other sizes are available so its worth enquiring and seeing if we can offer you a solution.

The plastic bags that we offer are the most cost effective method of marketing your company details on a bag. Custom printed plastic carrier bags are supplied in two to three weeks but can be fast tracked upon request at a surcharge. We now also offer a short run digitally printed plastic bag meaning four colour process now becomes affordable, with runs from 100-1000.

So that’s focused your mind, now lets consider types of polythene carrier bag, the variants are


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