Patch Handle Carriers

The plastic patch handle carrier bag is our most popular bag. Available in a wide range of sizes, in varying gauges with your choice of colours in biodegradable polythene. Printed in one to six colours, delivery in two to three weeks from passed artwork with a minimum quantity of 500 to 50,000 subject to selected bag. Otherwise known in smaller sizes as punch out handle, due to the strengthener patch not being required. Our patch handle carriers manufactured in the UK will be delivered on time, so no worries about import delays.

We also offer the varigauge plastic bag, which some customers would rather have over the patch, our aim is to offer choices in this bag style. Our standard gauge is 200g or 50mic with other gauges always available upon request, remember we can blow the polythene to match your exact needs, even down to colour matching polythene, rather than use standard swatches available by others. Polythene patch handle bags are a no nonsense product which are cost effective and have small storage requirements.

As stated on our Polythene Carrier Bag page the standard size is 15x18x3” with printing on one or two sides and Pantone matching on inks. Remember the advice that unless your are going for 5000 or more avoid process print (photos) as the stereo cost is so high (up to £1000 subject to complexity) and we will usually deliver spot colour work in seven to ten working days from passed artwork though we have delivered quicker. Remember our aim is to surpass your expectations! We can even deliver a fully compostable bag if Green and The Environment is high on your agenda.

Feel free to ask us for possibilities with your project.


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