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Following a query from a customer, or potential customer, we realised how thin on the ground our site actually was. For this reason we decided to post a page about our roll up banners otherwise called roller banners. We will supply in the UK delivered via a courier service. Our roll up banners follow a standard size of 850mm wide by 2150mm deep. This is slightly larger than most online offerings giving cheaper alternatives. Of course we can offer different sizes.

The mechanism has two twist out feet and a clip top rather than a glue top, this means that it wont fail under the heat of exhibition lighting. The roll up banner itself comes nicely packaged in its own zip top bag with the pole bungeed and folded internally. The overall package is boxed for transit. On receipt, simply take out of the bag, twist out the feet and assemble the pole, placing in position in the base central hole, and standing on the feet to hold in place, pull up the banner and clip in position on top of the pole, assembled in minutes, a video will soon follow on this process for you.

If you wanted an eco friendly version you could go for a textile banner, the most expensive but of course looks very different and has that textured textile feel. Usually used by high end companies and very eco conscious companies.

What do you need to do? You can go straight to our online shop and buy here.

You will either have artwork ready or need to get your designer to sort, or send us your graphics and thoughts for us to give you a quote. If you are going to supply artwork, we would expect a high resolution pdf file to size, with crops and bleed. Please note this file should be in CMYK format and all fonts embedded and transparencies flattened. We would take this file and check it through the RIP, confirm pricing and payment and then run straight to print. In some instances a complex file may fall over in the RIP and we may need to discuss you sending a high resolution TIF or JPG file in those instances.

roll up banner or roller banner

If you have questions or we have missed something off, please feel free to contact us via the social icons in the box top right of this page, and we shall look to fill in the gaps as soon as possible.

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