3 Pieces of printing that are going to help you sell your brand

English: Name card
English: Name card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyone argues over what works and what doesn’t work. Here’s my personal opinion from what i’ve seen in the trade. Here are 3 important methods of printing you need to efficiently market your brand to potential clients:

  1. Business Cards – I don’t feel anyone could argue about this one. Although it’s no flashing Vegas sign saying “Buy My Stuff”, no serious business person could be without their own. They are more often than not one of the first and lasting impressions on your potential customers. It’s their gateway to you so it has to be good! We have done a more in depth detailed blog about business cards here:  http://goo.gl/CdHvbM
  2. Vehicle Signage – Some people may argue that this is by far not one of the most effective methods for gaining customers. I argue short term/long term… In the short term, yes, they would be correct. It’s unlikely that if you were to take out a freshly sign written van to the supermarket that you’d have people lining up to take a picture of it! (Unless I did the vinyl of course….) But in the long term, you drive your vehicle everyday to your place of work, around the town, sometimes for small trips. Most importantly, to clients! It’s all about what it’s doing for your brand image. People feel more comfortable with a brand they recognise and your clients are going to be more likely to talk about you!
  3. Banners – We have spoken a lot about banners on our website. I’ll sum it up for you… Banners are GOOD! Really good! On a local scale these are great for pushing out any sort of message to people your business needs to send. Whether it’s an event, a sale, or even the launching of a new product. With your logo on it, some bright colours and some inspiring text, there is no way you are NOT going to be noticed! Banners talk.

There you have the top three pieces of printing I seriously recommend you consider for your business today. We do all of these here at SMP so if I can help you with anything feel free to get in touch!

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