Audio Editing For Your, Um, Podcasts

According to the social media report this year. Podcasting is growing exponentially as a means of marketing to new and existing businesses alike. Especially with the introduction of Apple including podcasts in every new phone and OS making podcasting that much more accessible to everyone. Now is definitely the time to start promoting your business and updating customers through the medium of podcasting.

But podcasting isn’t just as simple as speaking into a microphone and uploading to iTunes is it? We have more to follow on the in-depth topic on how to create the perfect podcast. In the meantime, let us consider how you sound…

How professional do you sound? I’m not talking about getting over the sound of your own voice but consider this – How much do you “um” and “ah” throughout the course of your podcast? It’s not something you can really sweep under the rug if your podcast is riddled with them. It portrays to your listener that you aren’t an expert in your field and you don’t appear to know what you are saying. Although this may not be the case, you still don’t want this to be portrayed.

Unless you are completely scripting your podcasts. You may also want to take whole sections out that may not sound right or may be irrelevant to the topic you are covering at the time.

It’s not something that can’t be fixed. Audio editing can be the best solution rather than re-record the whole podcast. But either option is a time consuming solution. After the time you’ve spent recording your podcast, what more time do you have to spend editing the clip?

We offer an audio editing service to make your life that little bit easier. We can edit any size audio clip in whatever way you want. Our pricing is based on every 15 minutes of clip that needs editing working out at £10/15 minutes. So for up to 30 minutes the price would be £20 and so on and so forth.

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