Stand out with Reflective Vinyl

Now this, I like! Looking through Pinterest today I found this pin from Orafol showcasing their reflective vinyl on this sweeeeeeet car. Just imagine driving at night with some of these vinyls stretched across your car! Driving under the streetlights you’ll stand out where nobody else will! Day or night this is an awesome design. … Read more

Car Graphics and a Passion

Okay, so today, lets talk “passion”. My passion is graphic design. I enjoy bringing my own and other peoples visual ideas to life and given real world applications. If you are reading this blog on car graphics… I’m going to assume your passion is your car! Your car is your pride and joy. You drive … Read more

Audio Editing For Your, Um, Podcasts

According to the social media report this year. Podcasting is growing exponentially as a means of marketing to new and existing businesses alike. Especially with the introduction of Apple including podcasts in every new phone and OS making podcasting that much more accessible to everyone. Now is definitely the time to start promoting your business … Read more

T-shirt Printing

T-shirt printing There will always be a need for t-shirts. In recent times it’s become easier for anyone to get any design they want printed as well. This market has continued to grow and grow and now the size of it is near incomprehensible. There are thousands of independent designers printing their work onto t-shirts … Read more

What can Vinyls do for You?

What Can Vinyls Do For You? Vinyls are emerging more and more in recent times as a cost effective and great way of adding style and flair to the decor of people’s homes. People choose anything from graffiti designs to inspirational messages to decorate their homes. That’s the great thing about vinyls – you can have whatever … Read more

Young Business Minds 2014

Recently, I was entered into the Young Business Minds award 2014. What this is is a competition between sixth forms from around Kent and Sussex to enter a valid business plan, complete with marketing plans, financial forecasts and research, to be judged by a panel of business owners from around Uckfield. So, in my last … Read more


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