Bag Markets

I would like to start talking about carrier bags within the context of three main market places. The three are geographically separate and also pertain to timescales and cost. I further refine the subject by dealing with paper carriers, polythene carriers and cotton carriers, but these three types are the same to all three market places.

 The first area to discuss is the UK market. In the current climate, this is the dearest market but is also the quickest, and tends to serve short run or exhibition markets, where promotion and small numbers are priority. In terms of quality we can safely say that the UK will produce the best quality, possibly with the least options in terms of choice of materials. This comes at a price. Lead times from four days to three weeks depending on product.

 The second area would be Europe, but includes Turkey. Here we would expect costs to be considerably cheaper than the UK. Good quality and timings of three to six weeks with minimums from 1,000.

 The last area would be the far east, consisting of china and India. Quality has risen dramatically over the last few years making these items worthwhile considering, if you have a lead time of up to 16 weeks. I would suggest these normally fill the retail sector, consideration must be applied as to the storage of large orders, as they can get bulky. Normally, retail outlets do not have sufficient space to hold products and will need to strike a deal for the long term storage of their product.


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