Branded Promotional Carrier bags

Branded Promotional Carrier Bags for Exhibitions

Are you booked for an exhibition to display your company wares and be available to talk to your target audience? Have you, then, thought about having your own branded promotional carrier bags?

The traditional promotional carrier bag branded with your company details takes a few different forms ranging through the following:

  • rope handled carrier
  • patch handle polythene carrier
  • flexi loop carrier
  • duffle carrier
  • twisted paper handle carrier
  • cotton carrier

We are specialists in delivering any kind of branded promotional carrier from the above list, we also know that you have probably left this until the last minute so need your bags in a bit of a rush, that does not matter to us, we could probably still help you out. We have vast experience inpromotional carriers for exhibitions and understand the market place only too well.

If you would like to talk to us, then make sure you think about the following details as we will need to know them for a detailed quote:

  • size in millimetres, width x gusset x height
  • type of carrier (from the above list)
  • numbers of colours
  • is the bag flood printed
  • how many bags
  • handle type, size and colour
  • quantity
  • delivery timescale approx
  • delivery address (does it need to be to an exhibition itself)

It might be that you have left it too late to have branded carrier bags, in which case you might need to settle on stock products. We are here to walk you through the many issues you face in ordering carrier bags. So let that be one less worry for you in the prelude to your important exhibition. Carrier bags are our business we would love to help you get your name out there.

Don’t delay get in touch now to soothe your way to great branded promotional carrier bags


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