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Business Cards

Business Cards are the problem area in print, because they are perceived as low value by many printers they assign little to no priority in their delivery or service. We decided that business cards would separate us from the pack, remember we care and walk with you all the way, because of this, your business card is important to you and therefore, us.

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We thought about what would be a great way to have a differential, well, most printers will tell you to have as few as you can at one time, working on the basis that you will never give them out and your details will probably change anyway. We want to be social, use that card as a mini flyer about your business, when you hand one out, offer a few more, suggesting that the recipient may have friends who would find your service of value, make it a challenge to sell your business. We read somewhere that having a business is much like having your own child, why not care for it and push it forward like you do with your own children. Take every opportunity to sing from the rafters about how good it is.

Your business card should reflect your business, so consider that, in what you want to show, remember, it shouldn’t just be about what you like, but what your target market would find an affinity to. If you have trouble thinking in that way, then that is what we are here to help with, walking alongside and guiding you. Not leaving you halfway. Seeing the job through, just like you would with your customers.

So what should a business card look like, the simple answer is, “whatever it needs to to get your message across”. Single or double sided, gloss or matt laminated, gloss spot uv (that is highlighting in gloss certain areas, for those of you who don’t know). Do you want long runs or short runs. You are the customer, there should be no compromise. How does your customer like to communicate, email, phone or social media, make the channel they are most likely to use prominent, do you have a website? Make sure to include that maybe with a unique link, that gives a special welcome to the reader of your card.

The point of this post is not to sell you anything, but to remind you that even the simple business card is your most impressive salesman, and you should not be short changed when trying to buy some. If you are having trouble and you are based in the UK, then we will do our best to try and help you, at the very least, if we can’t, we can put you in touch with someone that can.
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If you have a story to tell about your cards, and how impressive they are, or the problems you have had, then why not leave a comment below, or tell us about it on our Facebook page Social Media and Print and while you are there, we would really appreciate you taking time to like us, if you have other social media spaces, then connect with us via the icons on the right hand side of this page towards the top. Looking forward to connecting, I have included some helpful links on interesting variations on business cards that you might also like to look at.

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