Social Hacking – How to sort it and not get hacked again!

Okay, so i’ve literally just found out someone has been sending direct messages to my followers on twitter. Great…  Nobody likes having their social accounts hacked and dealing with the damage afterwards! So I’ll give you the “low-down”. I used this dating app called badoo (Everybody likes to do a bit of window-shopping now and … Read more

Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists and Making Your Twitter Work Following a great post on twitter lists by the social media examiner, I am going to expand on those points and maybe add some extra points. There are two types of list public and private, plus you can join other people’s public lists. Whilst it might seem like … Read more

Audio Editing For Your, Um, Podcasts

According to the social media report this year. Podcasting is growing exponentially as a means of marketing to new and existing businesses alike. Especially with the introduction of Apple including podcasts in every new phone and OS making podcasting that much more accessible to everyone. Now is definitely the time to start promoting your business … Read more

Website Checklist

Website Checklist – Things to Think About Before you start, take the time now to really think about what you want from the web site and how you want your customer to use it. Identify with your customer and exactly what their needs might be. This will really target all of your thoughts and ideas and make … Read more

Free Website Health Check

Free Website Health Check Are you finding your website tired and outdated? Is it slow? Would you like a CMS? Would you like a second opinion? Then we are offering a free website health check to anyone that applies to: Basically we will be checking various elements of your site, from the content, to page … Read more

Social Media Resources

Social Media Resources This is a collection of social media resources I have painstakingly built up over a few years, that have helped me learn about social media, they are all from experts in their field, and all add value to your journey, included in the list are a collection of useful apps and great … Read more


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