Facebook Landing Page

Our Facebook Landing Page – Welcomes You Welcome to Social Media and Print to our special followers from Facebook. Facebook holds a special place in our heart as being the original social platform for us, we have complained more about some of the changes and functionality than any other platform. It means a lot to us that you … Read more

Twitter Landing Page

Our Twitter Landing Page – Welcomes You Welcome to Social Media and Print to our special followers from Twitter. Twitter was our first love in social media and originally our first podcast, we have made more connections and friends across the world from Twitter than any other social platform. It means a lot to us that … Read more

Simple SEO

Simple SEO Your first lesson starts here SEO, Search Engine Optimisation is a ‘buzzword’ right now. You know you need to know what it is for your website copy or blogging, but you’ve no idea where to start. This blog is your first lesson in simple SEO. We hope it helps you understand the basics. So no … Read more

Reasons to Blog

I wanted to write in my own words, thoughts about why to blog. A lot of companies are thinking about getting started on the blogging road and they are asking the questions, as we were coming up to #twastings I thought this really would be a good time to thrash out the blog I had … Read more

What Do I Need to Know about SEO

What Do I Need to Know about SEO This is a great question and we will answer that as we move forward through this post, but first let us begin by saying SEO is not a black art, it just involves logical thought processes and a basic level of skill. The basic definition of SEO is search engine optimisation and … Read more

Use Social Media Marketing

How Do I use Social Media Marketing for Companies 5 Ways To Connect Your Social Media Marketing And Email Marketing (Photo credit: Kris Olin) Ok, so how do you, as a company, make use of Social Media Marketing. This post is going to be all about Social Media Marketing for Companies and things I have learnt that may be helpful … Read more

Technophobic Blogging

Technophobic Blogging I was recently told in no uncertain terms by a complete technophobe that he didn’t know what blogging was and he was quite happy in his very successful business to let a young intern manage his company’s social mediapresence including their blogging needs. This statement simply shook me to the core. Here was a really successful business … Read more

Facebook Business Growth

Are you interested in growing your business on Facebook? Facebook is the world’s largest social media network with over one billion active users, it was started in 2004 and has a long pedigree in social networking terms. Over half of it’s users connect via a mobile device and further it has been ranked as the most … Read more

Social Media Psychology

Before I start this paper I want to lead with a quote for you all to bear in mind. “The tongue has no bones, but it is strong enough to break a heart. So be careful with your words”. The Psychology of Social Media The purpose of this paper is to highlight an issue that is … Read more

Chasing likes and followers

Forget About Chasing Likes and Followers   Are you new to social media and listening to the crowd, that you need to be chasing likes and followers onFacebook and Twitter? I am here to tell you “stop”. This is not what you should be chasing. It does not help in the slightest, you can buy fake likes and followers for a … Read more


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