Hashtags I promised some friends recently that I would publish a short piece on hashtags to explain what they are and how to use them. Hashtags were originally used in information technology to reference certain subjects, and they were specifically used in twitter for mainstream use and then youtube google + and facebook. They are used in this medium … Read more

RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds I felt it may be worthwhile tackling the subject of RSS feeds, to most people you might say what on earth are they, to those who use them, (and that is probably a lot of you) they are useful, helpful and dynamic. When I say most of you, that will be all of you … Read more

Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search in the UK Facebook graph search has been live in the USA for some while now and is gradually being rolled out in the UK, if you talk to people using it, predominantly they are not impressed, but much as I hate Facebook, I see graph search as a fantastic new tool that can really … Read more


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