Simple flexible temporary Covid 19 Messaging Roll Up Banners

Simple flexible temporary COVID 19 messaging roll up banners from just £27 each These A3 roll up banners provide effective, simple and rapid solutions for COVID 19 messaging in your working environment. These are being used to inform customers about temporary news relating to your products or services. They can be used to provide flexible … Read more

Large Print Signs

Large Print Signs In signage for smaller installations you will see two materials tending to be used. The first is called correx between 3.5-4mm thick and is what we call estate agent’s boards. The second is foam board and 5mm (also in 3mm and 10mm) and is a PVC foam centred board and is a … Read more

Simple flexible temporary Covid 19 protection screens

Simple flexible temporary COVID 19 protection screens from just £55 each These modified roll up banners provide effective, simple and rapid protection against COVID 19 infection in your working environment. We recently supplied these to a customer who will use them to protect his displays from customer infection. These can be used to provide flexible … Read more

Rude Wrap

Rude Wrap was born out of Covid 19 and a necessity to create a living, after being made redundant. Opportunity breeds creativity. Rude wrap is wrapping paper that you can customise yourself. Add the recipient’s name, maybe a photo, say what you want to say. Perhaps be a little rude, be as creative as you … Read more

Magnetic Signs

Magnetic signs are often overlooked by many people as an effective means of budget advertising if people have even heard of it at all. I believe that’s a little unfair! I love vinyls, I think they look great when it comes to advertising or just improving a vehicle visually but it’s not for everyone. For … Read more

Stand out with Reflective Vinyl

Now this, I like! Looking through Pinterest today I found this pin from Orafol showcasing their reflective vinyl on this sweeeeeeet car. Just imagine driving at night with some of these vinyls stretched across your car! Driving under the streetlights you’ll stand out where nobody else will! Day or night this is an awesome design. … Read more

Car Graphics and a Passion

Okay, so today, lets talk “passion”. My passion is graphic design. I enjoy bringing my own and other peoples visual ideas to life and given real world applications. If you are reading this blog on car graphics… I’m going to assume your passion is your car! Your car is your pride and joy. You drive … Read more


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