What is Plasti-dipping? Dip Your Car???

Those of you who follow this blog have probably gathered that I’m into cars. More into the different ways you can modify a car to stand out from the crowd. So most people know that if you wanted to change the colour of your car, you can of course, have it sprayed (quite pricey!). Less … Read more What is Plasti-dipping? Dip Your Car???

Stand out with Reflective Vinyl

Now this, I like! Looking through Pinterest today I found this pin from Orafol showcasing their reflective vinyl on this sweeeeeeet car. Just imagine driving at night with some of these vinyls stretched across your car! Driving under the streetlights you’ll stand out where nobody else will! Day or night this is an awesome design. … Read more Stand out with Reflective Vinyl

How To Install Your Own Vinyl

Vinyl is one of my favourite areas of print. The huge range of types of vinyl makes it a versatile product which can be used to decorate almost anything. People are becoming more and more aware of the many possibilities of vinyl and are using them to promote their business, wrap vehicles or even decorate … Read more How To Install Your Own Vinyl

What can Vinyls do for You?

What Can Vinyls Do For You? Vinyls are emerging more and more in recent times as a cost effective and great way of adding style and flair to the decor of people’s homes. People choose anything from graffiti designs to inspirational messages to decorate their homes. That’s the great thing about vinyls – you can have whatever … Read more What can Vinyls do for You?

Branded Promotional Carrier bags

Branded Promotional Carrier Bags for Exhibitions Are you booked for an exhibition to display your company wares and be available to talk to your target audience? Have you, then, thought about having your own branded promotional carrier bags? The traditional promotional carrier bag branded with your company details takes a few different forms ranging through the following: rope handled carrier patch handle … Read more Branded Promotional Carrier bags