T-shirt Printing

T-shirt printing There will always be a need for t-shirts. In recent times it’s become easier for anyone to get any design they want printed as well. This market has continued to grow and grow and now the size of it is near incomprehensible. There are thousands of independent designers printing their work onto t-shirts … Read more

Branded Promotional Carrier bags

Branded Promotional Carrier Bags for Exhibitions Are you booked for an exhibition to display your company wares and be available to talk to your target audience? Have you, then, thought about having your own branded promotional carrier bags? The traditional promotional carrier bag branded with your company details takes a few different forms ranging through the following: rope handled carrier patch handle … Read more

Luxury Carrier Bags

Luxury Carrier Bags What is your definition of a luxury carrier bag? Well, it is many things to many people, but isn’t your first experience with luxury connected to the buying process? Were your questions answered timely and with sufficient detail as to make it clear what you are going to get? Was the technical jargon removed from … Read more

Hotel Promotional Carrier Bags

Hotel Promotional Carrier Bags As a Hotel you will most certainly have a desire for Printed or Branded Promotional Carrier Bags. We pride ourselves on understanding the needs of the hotel industry. We know that you want to set an example of class and oppulance. We know that you want your brand to be delivered at a very … Read more

Rope Handled Laminated Carrier bags

Rope Handled Laminated Paper Carrier Bags If you need rope handled laminated paper carrier bags then you probably already know about the different markets that you can source them from, longer timescales, bigger runs, Far East, cheaper unit cost average runs, min 1000, three to four week timescales, European, good unit cost short lead time, limited product, one to two week timescales, UK, … Read more

Give Away Carrier Bags

Give Away Carrier Bags There is a lot of press at the moment about polythene bags and their damaging the environment, coupled with a strong drive in areas to implement a carrier bag tax on polythene bags. My contention is this, that Supermarkets spend millions on polythene carrier bags, the vest carrier kind in high density polythene, and most customers would complain how … Read more

Size Matters

Many people would argue the case, in bags the argument is interesting. For an exhibition you would need to consider that most people pick up objects around the exhibition and so look for the biggest bag to put all else into. If yours is the biggest then your name will be seen more. Clearly it … Read more

Patch Handle Carrier Bags

Patch handle carrier bags are a particular type of polythene bag, they have a strength patch around the handle to provide additional strength, or sometimes they can be varigauge polythene, which does exactly as it says on the tin, it has a thicker gauge polythene around the handle area getting thinner towards the bottom. They … Read more


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