To Knot or not to Knot

Well there are a few kinds of fixings and handles to bags, so we shall discuss them and hopefully cover all the bases. Firstly you have a die cut handle, ie a hole cut into both faces of a bag for your hand to fit thro, this applies to a poly bag being either a … Read more

Bag Markets

I would like to start talking about carrier bags within the context of three main market places. The three are geographically separate and also pertain to timescales and cost. I further refine the subject by dealing with paper carriers, polythene carriers and cotton carriers, but these three types are the same to all three market … Read more

Paper Carrier Bags FAQs

FAQs for Rope Handled Printed Promotional Carrier Bags What kind of quantity will you manufacture? From 1-100000 with small quantities of 1-100 the price will be the same litho (£450 using existing cutters), after 2k imported bags may well be cheaper as we manufacture by hand. But we may be able to deliver in a … Read more

Short Run Colour Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags Short Run Colour Did you ever want to buy polythene or plastic bags with a four colour process image or photographic image on it and get told to forget it if your quantity is less than 10000 bags due to the high cost of stereos or plates? This has been a problem for many years, also, sadly in this … Read more


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