Chasing likes and followers

Forget About Chasing Likes and Followers



Are you new to social media and listening to the crowd, that you need to be chasing likes and followers onFacebook and Twitter? I am here to tell you “stop”. This is not what you should be chasing. It does not help in the slightest, you can buy fake likes and followers for a nominal fee, but be warned if Facebook or Twitter find out you could have your account disabled. Plus think about how it would look if your customers look further into your account and see that you are cheating, the loss of credibility could seriously impact your business.



If you ask any person reasonably in tune with social media they will happily tell you that it is not about the numbers but rather concentrating on engagement. That is, having the followers you have engage and comment with your content, and that part isn’t difficult. If the numbers are small it is well within the realms of possibility to take time to engage personally with your customers and create a conversation. We want to make sure people in our area are aware of the facts, East Sussex, in the UK is our patch, if you want to get your social media underway correctly then do make sure you contact us via any of our links on the right. It leaves a nasty taste when the constant promotion of this likes and followers game keeps getting passed on to people new to the world of social media in Kent and East Sussex. Social Media is as professional as your business, there are no short cuts but hard work and creativity to get that engagement.


Sammy is a diamond at design, if you need to get your social media icons sorted then she can help, if she has a logo to design, £50 and for four custom social avatars £40. What about training? £40/hour plus travel expenses. Would you like us to run your account for you then prices start at £250/month. Hopefully that gives you a good guide for the cost of social media. Of course you can buy services much cheaper but are they going to be up front and honest like us? Not only would we recommend working on your social media but we would advise you on your website, whether it needs to be updated or optimised, or moved over to a content managed system such as WordPress. Lastly we would suggest blogging regularly on your business, getting you out there. This is not something to be scared of, again, we can help and write your copy for you, 500 words approx @£50.




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