Social Media Engagement

Engagement in social media has two meanings, the first is to be engaging in your content, that your content is interesting, purposeful and useful. Creative in its delivery. The second is two get engagement from social media, or comments, to create an opportunity for someone to engage with you and your content.

social media engagementWe do the first, by making the content of use to your intended reader, that they gain value and information from your musings. That it be short and to the point and that they can learn or profit from your offering. The content requires to be simple content and not sell sell sell. We work on the principle that we create relationships, not customers. By making the relationship value based and two way, we have more opportunity to be helpful and giving.

The second is by making a creative call to action in your content, requesting the reader to take some action. But we cannot just ask someone to do something without giving them something in return. So, we offer something in return for asking for something. The process is the same, whichever media you are using.

The basic rule, is never expect to be taking, you should be giving first and foremost and benefitting your audience. Whether it is a podcast, a blog or content, you will see, consistently, that people gain audience and community by being the missing link.

I would love to set you a test, just try creating a post or status, and be helpful. Have no thought on getting anything back, make it positive and put a creative call to action in, and then comment below what happens.

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