Free Website Health Check

Free Website Health Check

Are you finding your website tired and outdated?

Is it slow?

Would you like a CMS?

Would you like a second opinion? Then we are offering a free website health check to anyone that applies to:

Basically we will be checking various elements of your site, from the content, to page loads, and all of the various elements, presenting you with a list of things you could do to improve or help your rankings within the indexes. This report costs you nothing, it is totally free. Whilst we report on the elements of your site it is entirely down to you whether you choose to follow up on those items, or even who you choose to get those things done, we do not hold a gun to your head, or suggest we do the work. All we do is to give you our honest opinion based on how we see the site. You may or may not like the feedback that we give, but we can assure you that it will be constructive, rather than critical. Our aim is to help you move forward and be social. By submitting us your details, you agree to become part of our mailing list to receive information on our posts and future offers, between one and four mailings a month. That is it, once we have your email giving us the web address you would like us to investigate we will commence work and notify you of when you can expect your report.

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