Hotel Promotional Carrier Bags

Hotel Promotional Carrier Bags

As a Hotel you will most certainly have a desire for Printed or Branded Promotional Carrier Bags. We pride ourselves on understanding the needs of the hotel industry. We know that you want to set an example of class and oppulance. We know that you want your brand to be delivered at a very high standard, and we know that you want what you want and expect it to be delivered.

The luxury hotel industry is not new to us, we have worked on some of the most famous names in the world and we do not take our duty lightly. This experience allows us to be more competitive by working completely within your brief and delivering the best value proposition.

We have enjoyed gold foil blocking your promotional carrier bags, or high gloss uv’ing the copy. Maybe even a satin ribbon handle to add that touch of class. You name it we have done it and it looks great. Recently we were asked to quote for gold foil carrier bags for a very prominent brand, they had already had promotional carrier bags from A.N Other company, the year before, but had rejected them based on the quality of foiling. There was never going to be an issue with our foiling. The customer did have an issue with the pricing in our instance. The work was extremely detailed and unusual, we priced according to the detail required and the time required to make the foiling perfect, the customer felt that the price differential from his previous attempt to our price was just too great even though we pointed out they actually had not received any product because it was not usable from their previous suppliers. You cannot scrimp on the quality you deliver to your guests. You know this already, from the catering, to the laundry, and drinks, you only serve the best for your customers. We will charge you a fair price to get the job done well, to your satisfaction and we definitely do not make any excuses for this. There can be only one premier league carrier bag company, and that is quite simply us.

So when it comes to looking at your promotional carrier bags again, make sure to get in touch with us and experience the difference in service and quality. You will find dealing with us different, we have the experience to understand your needs and how to deal with the problems that your brief might throw up, and that is why we are the perfect company to create your next promotional carrier bag.

 If you would like to discuss luxury then give us a call right now.


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