How to: Get your Graphic Design to Look AWESOME

Design is needed in almost everything. What we do is graphic design. So what that means is that we don’t scribble down the dimensions for a new coffee table but branding and vehicle decals. We love a bit of that!

So you have an idea (or not) in your head about what you want your graphic to be. The hard bit is trying to communicate it to the designer so that we can pull it out of your head and digitalise it so you can use it for whatever purpose it may be for. Whether that’s your Facebook icon or signage for a van! It all starts here at the computer.IMG_20150615_175456[1]

So… how are you going to get the message across? Here are a few pointers to get you started:

  1. You have a clear image in your head and you know exactly what it is you want. If you are any good at drawing, a sketch of what you need is a great place to start. If we have that then it may just be a case of tweaking if it’s not perfect thefirst time round! Think about tattoo parlors… If you want a custom design then the only way to get it right is to take them a sketch or some sort of reference to go by. You want your graphic design to be right, especially if it’s a brand or a design on your car because it has to stick by you!
  2. If you are not very good at sketching, then as mentioned before, some references to go by will still help to give us an idea of the direction your heading. Send us some images you took inspiration from and we can build from there.
  3. Sometimes you’re just not sure what it is you want. I would say it’s worthwhile spending the time thinking about it because it costs more the longer it takes to get a design right. For instance, at SMP we charge by the hour so if we keep going back and forwards it will ultimately end up with a higher price tag! But to give us a shot at making it as close to what you want first time round, tell us what your design DOES need to have. For instance, if there is a specific colour you want to use or a font, let us know. The more comprehensive the list the easier it makes life!

In short, you have to be as detailed as possible. Unfortunately we can’t read your mind so you need to paint your picture in our heads and this will save you £££’s in the end. It isn’t that expensive providing we have the information we need to get it right!

So whether it’s branding for your company or you want to make your car look like it’s straight out of fast and furious, maybe you’ve moved into a new place and want to spice up the home with some wall decals? It’s worthwhile getting in touch! We love to help out and as I said before, it doesn’t cost as much as you might think. You won’t know until you ask!

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