Lay Flat Strut Cards

Lay Flat Strut Cards

The perfect product for your Point of Sale Marketing is our Lay Flat Strut Cards. With a matching perfect price point. Great value in a card product that comes in a range of useful sizes, can be laminated for a longer lasting option. With such a great price, you can afford to have these scattered around your businesses with all of the latest information included for your customers. Fundamentally, these are a great assist in getting the sale, by gently informing the customer of the key points of the products in question. Running from A5 in size, right up to A0 there is sure to be a product that fits your requirement. If you don’t find what you need in our online shop, then ask us, we probably do it, but have elected to keep the shop nice and simple for easy purchase. Of course we are happy to help, questions mean we can learn to inform and you end up getting, or not getting the right purchase for you. The last thing we want is to force a sale of something unsuitable to your needs. Conversation is the best way to make sure we help you in your search. You can head over to our online shop here to purchase straight away. These Lay Flat Strut Cards are made from a 2000 mic (approx 2mm) card with a locking strut at the back, which obviously lays flat when not in use. These boards would not be suitable outdoors, but are perfect indoors, maybe as way finders, or product detail cards. It is a simple product that gets the job done and for that simplicity, we love it.

Tips for creating your perfect Lay Flat Strut Card

Be careful not to overload your design with cluttered visuals and large areas of text. Your display card design should be readable and appealing, even from a distance. Keep it Simple, a few well-chosen words in big type will speak volumes to the recipient. Make sure your message drives the reader to take the action you want – which means clearly presenting the value of that action to the reader. Why should they do what you’re asking? What’s in it for them? Keep graphics and shapes to a bare minimum. Depending on the content and goal of your message, sometimes a plain background and a few words of text is all it takes to grab the customer’s attention.
Your strut card artwork needs to work together as a whole, whilst keeping in line with your other marketing communications and visual branding. Any differences in elements can be distracting, thus preventing the card’s key message from really being understood by the reader. Does the content match with the graphics you’ve created? Does your colour selections work well together? Design consistency is especially important if using variable data printing or printing multiple versions of the same design. Make sure each variant’s unique elements look and feel like a natural part of the base artwork.
For maximum visual impact with your Lay Flat Strut Cards, make sure there’s something about your print design which sets it apart from the competition. Maybe, think about customising your print run with one of our custom shape options – or better yet, your own bespoke die-cut shape? Here’s another idea, instead of the typical portrait Lay Flat Strut Card format, why not order super-wide landscape cards with multiple support struts at the back? It’s something a little bit different to help you capture the customer’s focus – plus it offers a unique opportunity for more creative, visually-arresting artwork. You, of course, have sovereignty over the design and idea behind your point of sale, we are just offering suggestions that may help you hit a home run in the marketing.


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