Magnetic Signs

Magnetic signs are often overlooked by many people as an effective means of budget advertising if people have even heard of it at all. I believe that’s a little unfair! I love vinyls, I think they look great when it comes to advertising or just improving a vehicle visually but it’s not for everyone. For a small business, magnetic signs could well be one of the best ways to start promoting themselves locally.

One of the most appealing aspects of having magnetic signs is that they are both removable and reusable. This means you can choose to have them on during the week and at the weekend in your own time you can hide it away and let your hair down. Unfortunately vinyl is a lot more permanent (Still removable, definitely not reusable) and it costs to have it installed as well. The cost of vinyl material is cheaper than a magnet sheet but once you add on the installation cost it certainly isn’t anywhere as cheap as your magnet option.

So flexibility and price are both beating vinyl from the perspective of a small business here.

What else is great? How about the added bonus of not having to declare it as a modification? Or that when you don’t have the plates on, “would be” thieves won’t be guessing what tools you may have in your vehicle. The list goes on.

Another idea I heard about as well which you may find interesting is that there are people that will advertise your business on their cars during the week for a price. A cheap but effective way of advertising with none of the permanent effects!

We print straight onto the magnetic sheets at the sizes you require. As an example, A3 sheets with any design we can do at £30 each but by three and we can give you one for free! This leaves you with some options as to where you want to position your signs and who else you want to give signs to help you advertise. As you can see, this is a much cheaper alternative to vinyl. Please feel free to get in touch with us about yours either on the contact us page or on my email at

I look forward to hearing from you!

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