Marketing Business in Social Media

Marketing Your Business Using Social Media

You have got a business. You may have been in business for a few years or you may just be starting out. How many of you have actually considered assigning a budget to marketing your business and social media needs. It is a crucial factor in this day and age with the business climate such as it is. Let me explain the points behind this important statement and let me also reiterate the statement itself:

You need to budget for marketing your business using social media.

It certainly isn’t free and if you are doing it yourself, are you not better employed doing the core area of your business rather than an out of area skill? Liken this to asking your boss to making a cup of tea or going out to get the sandwiches for the office, it doesn’t make economic sense. You might have bought yourself a website and got it up and running, you might have got yourself some stationery including business cards. You know in your heart your business is exactly what your customer needs and you want to prove to people that you are a serious business.

Just because you build it in terms of a website or business card it does not mean they will come, remember the card only works when it hits the desk of the person looking to buy at that particular time, or you have set a message in their mind causing that customer to reach for your card. That message is your traditional marketing in knocking on doors, advertising and handouts, exhibitions and trade shows. In relation to website marketing it is your SEO services (search engine optimisation) and social media marketing. All marketing needs to be concurrent, it is no good working one area without building the rest.

It really is crucial to your business to determine a budget and have a regular spend on your marketing. This requires thought. Is the cost of sales and marketing going to be covered by the sale of your product and your particular mark up? In the early stages of a new venture, one of the most important things is building your team and your network of supporters and helpers. Having a way to connect with your customers is important and the business card has fulfilled that role for many years. Now your website, advertising and social media combined is picking up the mantle. You need to show that you are serious about your idea.

You need to do the following few things to start making a difference.

  1. Optimise the website for your relevant phrases, and build it efficiently.
  2. Start a link building campaign of getting links from and away from your site to relevant companies or trade organisations.
  3. Set up social media profiles in all spaces to register your name, but operate in those where your customer is likely to be, or you can promote your products or services efficiently.
  4. Create social shares from your site by making it easy to social tag your page with a suitable plug in.
  5. Blog about your product, service or company and make sure it is from an angle that the customer will understand. Dont make it too technical, only you are interested in those details, your customer wants to be social, he wants to know about you, the product, successes, failures. Be honest, and make it regular.
  6. Set up analytics to measure your performance and impact of each change.
  7. Monitor in all social spaces what is being said about you, your product, your customer and your competitors.
  8. Consider a pay per click advertising campaign, only when you have done the above, it is no good bringing people to your site without creating a great experience for them there, they will just leave.
  9. Consider capturing email addresses, to send out regular suitable information, offer your customer something in return for their email, and keep in touch.
  10. Lastly, make sure you share all of your work across all of those social spaces.

You might consider all the above time consuming or daunting, you can do it but it will take time, you can get your friend who is good with computers to do it, but is it making a difference, are they doing it with your business in mind, or you can get a media marketing company like us to do it for you?

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