Paper Carrier Bags FAQs

FAQs for Rope Handled Printed Promotional Carrier Bags

What kind of quantity will you manufacture?

From 1-100000 with small quantities of 1-100 the price will be the same litho (£450 using existing cutters), after 2k imported bags may well be cheaper as we manufacture by hand. But we may be able to deliver in a quicker timescale.

What is the colour range of your carriers?

We can print litho from 1-5 colours or process plus 1 spot.

What sizes do you make and is there a standard size?

We have 260 odd bag sizes available, from 70x60x90 up to 520x130x350 if our closest size isnt suitable we can make a new one @£125, there are five basic price bands which we work to 140x50x190 230x70x340 240x90x380 330x100x430 and 355x100x430 all the others will fall into these price bands.

What is your lead time?

Our lead time is from five working days from passed artwork, subject to workload and finishes, foils will take longer. usually we are round about 7-10 working days up to 1500 bags. Then we also have imported timescales of 3-4 weeks and 8-12 weeks with price ranges accordingly, longer being cheaper.

What material do you use?

Our paper stock is a 190gsm bag board (which is FSC material but not being registered we cannot offer it as such, so it is from managed sources) we can also offer 240gsm but it isnt generally used. Generally imported materials will vary and so we can sort this on a per quote basis.

Do you have strengthening boards?

Top and bottom boards as standard in all our bags.

What handle options do you have?

Our handheld ropes are polypropylene 5mm dia or 800mm shoulder length, die cut handles or 23mm double sided satin. Standard colours are black, white, red, steel grey, marine blue and gold, other colours are available at a surcharge.

What about tolerances?

We have no over tolerance, so if you order 500 you will get 500 (subject to make up issues we reserve the right to -10% as standard otherwise we will remake). Imported orders will generally be ±10% so please do factor this into your budget, 1000 will mean generally 1100 charged on imported.

How green are you?

We use vegetable ink and chemical free plates as standard and are always looking to improve our carbon footprint.

What about delivery on our bags?

Delivery is included to one mainland UK address with exhibitions and shopping centres charged extra due to managing shipping in. Also we charge a £50 management fee to deliver to fulfilment houses as there is a lot of paperwork and box checking for these. We will however pass on any parking restrictions or movement costs in attempting to deliver to your address.

Do you have artwork costs?

We will supply a pdf proof from artwork supplied laid out to requirements if given and subject to the artwork being usable or, artwork amendments thereafter @£30/hour min £15.

Do you have a cheaper alternative?

We can offer a digitally printed bag 140x50x190 or 220x60x330 process print min 50 max 250 (no solid areas) @£1.75/bag plus £80 lamination if required plus £25 delivery.

Further questions can be added as they crop up.

If you’d like to discuss your project in further detail please contact us and we’ll quote and advise you on the best way to move forward with your job and give you realistic delivery times.

rope handle carier bag in 4 colour


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