Patch Handle Carrier Bags

Patch handle carrier bags are a particular type of polythene bag, they have a strength patch around the handle to provide additional strength, or sometimes they can be varigauge polythene, which does exactly as it says on the tin, it has a thicker gauge polythene around the handle area getting thinner towards the bottom. They are the cheapest form of bag for showcasing your company details. Commonly found in boutiques, shops or exhibitions, they are usually bought to save costs. They have a reputation, being plastic, or polythene as being extremely harmful to the environment. This is a total miss direction, as in actual fact our standard product is a biodegradable product that uses less carbon footprint in production and delivery than a regular rope handled paper carrier bag. The product can be produced in a thicker gauge to be able to take heavier products should you require.

The key to a successful design is to keep it simple, avoid complicated shades, designs and detail, go for a plain design which can get your message across. These simple designs quite often deliver your message and end up being carried over into multiple use, which increases your company exposure.

 Again, as stated watch out for photographic colour as this will be expensive, our forte is short run, quick turnaround. We deliver on this and have vast experience in making sure we get your idea onto the bag and into your customer’s hands. Our business is to equip you with the information to make your choices and trust us to help you through the maze.

 If you want a polythene patch handle carrier then Bags are our business, we would love to talk to you about your next product.


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