Stand out with Reflective Vinyl

Now this, I like!

Looking through Pinterest today I found this pin from Orafol showcasing their reflective vinyl on this sweeeeeeet car. Just imagine driving at night with some of these vinyls stretched across your car! Driving under the streetlights you’ll stand out where nobody else will!

Day or night this is an awesome design. The blue isn’t too strong against the white body but the intriguing design draws attention in a way that you can tell it’s awesome from afar but you have to get in close to really appreciate the design which will draw in the crowds. Perfect for an exhibition piece. The reflective vinyl adds impact and a unique twist.

Reflective vinyl doesn’t have to just be decorative. The emergency services and businesses use reflective vinyl for the same purpose. You stand out.

I wanted to share this with you as I had never considered the decorative side to reflective vinyl before. It’s exciting stuff and i’m looking forward to working with it in a different light!

If you have any ideas that might incorporate reflective vinyl, why not give me a shout for a quote!

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