Short Run Colour Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags Short Run Colour

Did you ever want to buy polythene or plastic bags with a four colour process image or photographic image on it and get told to forget it if your quantity is less than 10000 bags due to the high cost of stereos or plates? This has been a problem for many years, also, sadly in this country those people actually delivering process printed polythene carriers have got used to delivering a sub standard service, three to four weeks, high stereo costs all make us and the customer grind our teeth in frustration. In the paper bag side, I had exactly the same trouble and created the revolutionary digitally printed paper bags and pocket bags for short run delivery. Shorter runs and quicker delivery times were the result and the polythene trade is ripe for the same thing.

So what do you get, what would you expect.

  • Firstly much quicker lead times from passed artwork – seven to ten working days
  • Better image reproduction with very high quality printing
  • shorter runs down to as low as 100 bags, (I know its great isn’t it, 10000 down to 100)
  • Options for other bag types such as flexi loop, draw tape, clip close and duffle type carrier bags.

You may know already that we can deliver 500 polythene carrier bags in one colour as a simple cost effective bag, these digitally printed short run polythene bags are ideal for launches or giveaways where you want to maintain branding colours. I want to try and get across the revolutionary nature of this stunning product and how it has been sadly missing from the carrier bag industry. You can get a range of bag type in plastic/polythene printed in four colour process for a run length of 100 bags upwards. No stereos or printing plates required, saving you up to £1000 on costs.

These bags will launch in early April 2013 with the arrival of the new machine so we are very happy to take orders in advance, but please do bear in mind that delay period. Delivery on 100 bags will cost £15 extra and other quantities the delivery is included, prices shown here are per bag and subject to vat, an express service is available (subject to production) @£55 being three to four days. Other sizes of product are available including 8×12, rope handle polythene and mailing envelopes giving a great range of product. Ink coverage is approx 250x350mm and 100% coverage is available at extra cost, with the additional benefit of no ink rub as the ink becomes part of the polythene or plastic.


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