Social Hacking – How to sort it and not get hacked again!

Okay, so i’ve literally just found out someone has been sending direct messages to my followers on twitter. Great…  Nobody likes having their social accounts hacked and dealing with the damage afterwards!

So I’ll give you the “low-down”. I used this dating app called badoo (Everybody likes to do a bit of window-shopping now and then, don’t judge!). I stupidly went and filled in all my personal profiles details including passwords and e-mails. This is because the more info you have on your profile the more you are shown to other users (This is starting to sound bad). I thought no harm would come of it and of course, what happened? They start sending messages to my followers on twitter.

Luckily for me, no serious harm could have come from this. Just a sharp blow to my dignity and a lot of replies to tell people i’m sorry for looking like a numpty. But what about apps or accounts that don’t ask for your social profiles details? What if you make purchases from apps you don’t trust? Then they have your account details and the damage that that can cause is not something you even want to think about.

Here’s what you need to know to avoid being hacked:

  1. This can’t be said enough, you need a password not even your BFF would be able to guess. You need to throw in some symbols, caps, numbers… Think like FBI standard password…
  2. Check your security settings. All your accounts should have a security settings page. Make sure there are no holes and that it’s as secure as it can be.
  3. There are apps available that help protect the security of your phone and your accounts. I’ve downloaded one that’s really great. It’s called “CM Security”. It will help you manage all the potential threats to your accounts.
  4. Obviously (or not so obviously in my case) don’t be sharing your details to apps you don’t trust! You give them access to do whatever they want.

If you do get hacked. Make sure to change your password right away, you need to report your account as compromised so they can clean up any excess mess and block whoever needs to be blocked. You should also let your followers and friends know what’s happened (Not so they can laugh at you though they will) so nobody’s confused as to what you’re sending.

Final advice? When you’re downloading an app, check their permissions they ask for. You could be giving them permission to cause mayhem on your accounts and DON’T DOWNLOAD BADOO!! 😀 haha

But seriously though ladies, if you spot me on POF or tinder you should definitely swipe right 😉 …

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