Social Media Checklist

We created this page as a social media checklist for you to think about, prior to sorting out your company social media. The checklist asks questions for you to think about that will help, whomever you choose to engage, in deciding on a social media plan of attack.

  • The first thing you will need to supply is your web address if you have one. This will help get an idea of who you are and what you have set as your current plan for the future. This will also show any holes currently existing in your processes.
  • Know where your customers are! This is crucial in deciding where you will spend the majority of your time and money in social media. For instance, there is little point creating a magnificent Pinterest account if none of your customers or future customers use Pinterest.
  • What are your social media aspirations? It is important that you create an understanding of what you want to achieve. Aside from the goal of increasing sales, there needs to be a benefit to the customer in order that engagement can be created. Engagement is important because nobody wants to be sold to in social media. You therefore ask the question “How do I increase sales?” This is done via engaging conversations and increasing profile activity so that you become the go to place for your respective industry. Your motto here should be “Give, give, give”. Social media is a long term plan. It should never be seen as a quick sales opportunity. Relationships are built between people at a personal level and in the long term, people buy from people.
  • Who are your industry leaders? This will give you a great starting point on investigating their profiles and seeing how they became industry leaders.
  • Who are your competitors? It is beneficial to see what your competition is doing in social media. They might be making mistakes that you can learn from. Equally, they could be doing a lot right that you can also learn from.
  • Are there any relevant trade associations and/or bodies? These will be good connections for sources of customers and suppliers and provide credibility to your conversations.
  • Do you currently have any social media profiles for your business? How have they been for you? What were the successes and failures?
  • Lastly, are you currently blogging about your business? Talking about your business and products is one of the best ways to develop interest in your company. Ideally, you need to be visible two to three times a week and cover every subject in and around your business; Staff, products, premises, suppliers, etc. By being visible with your blogging, you are increasing your chances of being found externally to your company with search engine traffic either via social media searches or native search engines.

We would love to be your company of choice in running your social media for you and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss this further.
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