Social Media Diary 1

Social Media Diary

Jack and I have spent our time concentrating on building processes and dealing with new customers, we are now at a point where we can spend time on our own social media and build it as a social media company can. In order for this to make sense we will keep a record of what is being done and where we are, in order that you can follow the process, should you choose. We do sincerely hope that you find this useful and keep up with us along the way, commenting with your progress as we go.

Facebook page, a miserable 50 page likes with a reach of 19 and 8 shares
Twitter, 1309 following, 1152 followers, 8417 tweets
Pinterest, 8200 pins, 317 likes, 1300 followers, 1300 following
G+, 6 followers, 2545 views
Instagram, 96 posts, 121 followers, 219 following
Youtube, 9990 views, 35 subscribers
Linked In, no page in existence

You can truly see that these stats are nothing to write home about, but over the next few weeks, you are going to see the activity as we will detail it all here. Hopefully showing growth in all areas. social media diary

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