Social Media Help For UK Business

Social Media Help For UK Business

We have been working in social media for a fair number of years now, and one thing is certain, there is a distinct lack of information on Social Media Help for UK business, most of the podcasts that you may listen to are of an American slant. Don’t get me wrong social media is social media, as true Brits, sometimes the presentation doesn’t fit with our philosophy. if you go digging for blogs or information as you may, more commonly, call it, you will find lots of pages serving up all kinds of businesses all trying to sell you something or other, and the truth is, we are no different, however, our philosophy is to be a little different. We are looking to deliver helpful content that you can use straight away, that will help your business with very small baby steps. We will work on a podcast for you that will be UK focussed. Our target is very clear, to deliver social media help for UK businesses.

Our first offering in terms of information is our blog on Social Media Psychology, head over there and have a read, it is useful information and will set you clear on how people may or may not interpret your posts, emails or comments. I would be very interested to hear your thoughts on this subject and how you might have been caught out in the past. You will no doubt have questions or problems that you are experiencing right now, well you can comment in the boxes below, catch us in our social spaces on the boxes on the right or email me

Or why not try joining our UK Social Media Community over on facebook, where will host your questions and create a mastermind group of like-minded individuals. If you head over there, under the files section you will find my E-Book on Social Media resources, built over years, absolutely free. I look forward to meeting you there soon.


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