Social Media Tactics

Social Media Tactics

Following on from yesterday’s blog on the top 5 social media questions we wanted to focus on hypothetical tactics. Without knowing your business or where your customers are, it is very difficult to suggest a definite plan of attack.

Firstly, you will need to establish a goal, this might be to create relationships, develop the brand, or sell more products. Be as precise as you can be and then step back, the way forward will be similar for all three but will guide certain factors.

You need to pick a mixture of online and offline tactics, and they all need to coordinate across the whole, none is to be done in isolation. Online, you should focus on the following:
3 maximum social media sites
Email marketing
The website is priority, this is your placeholder, and the portal to the online world, which portrays how you are visible, a max of 3 social media sites, so as not to detract from your efforts and email marketing to capitalise on capturing customers. Offline you should show links to your online, such as an email signature, include offers etc, make it easy to connect, business cards and advertising.

Create a plan, to write (blog) on your site, 2 – 3 times a week on your business subject. Use customer questions, problems etc as content ideas. Do not sell your product, explain everything around it, be helpful, offer assistance, but do not sell. Use imagery and be creative. Use your social media spaces to link to your new writings.

Engage with thought leaders, customers and competitors socially, share their content, comment on discussions and dont sell.

Find a way to use social and website to gather emails, by way of offers and freebies. Harvest the emails. This is your gold dust. Communicate with your email list regularly, but not often enough to be a nuisance.

Track your results and progress.

Enjoy your new found fame. Dont be afraid to show your personality.

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