Technophobic Blogging

Technophobic Blogging

I was recently told in no uncertain terms by a complete technophobe that he didn’t know what blogging was and he was quite happy in his very successful business to let a young intern manage his company’s social mediapresence including their blogging needs. This statement simply shook me to the core. Here was a really successful business man using his technophobic attitude to pass the buck as far as the social media required.

After my initial step back and pull myself together, I tried to explain quite patiently to him the error of his ways. I started with the knowledge bank within himself and his core salesmen, by showing that an intern would have no idea of some of the company’s many questions that get asked of it daily, about pain points around the products, or special ideas and solutions that the salesmen themselves actually come up with. How could a young, inexperienced intern have any knowledge of these things at all, so how on earth would they be able to communicate them to the wider audience, creating a knowledge bank of searchable information on the company, which would only help the search engines to deliver the company pages to a searcher’s needs.

He quite rightly said that he had no knowledge of blogging or how to do it, and what on earth it was in the first place and these younger people had a better grasp on the subject. I asked him this simple question “would you hand over the company to this young intern” obviously he replied in the negative, yet, that was exactly what he was doing by letting this junior loose on his social media. Every instance of interaction online, socially, was being controlled by this young person. How the company was perceived, what it offered, the data it had, how it spoke and communicated with people. At this point the gentleman was starting to look a little pale.

My point was to show him that whilst he did not know about the technicalities, he did have a superb knowledge of his company and a good grounding in marketing, and this would be all he needed to direct his members of staff into blogging successfully about their roles in the company and particular areas of knowledge and to write about areas that they know their customers will be interested in. Eventually this resource becomes self perpetuating, for, as you create new leads to customers, you can point them to relevant chunks of data that will help convert them to actual customers.

A good blog contains relevant information about a subject, that information needs to be properly optimised for keywords relevant to the content of the blog, and wants a great heading and opening paragraph, using strategic keywords throughout the blog and ending on your main point again. Now if this content is unique and relevant this is the basis of a good blog together with appropriate pictures. Over time you can get onboard an SEO expert to help you, or maybe even a content writer, but be sure to stay in control, do not hand over the keys to your business.

Make sure you socially share your blogs and talk to people and encourage feedback online, even if this is negative it will help you learn and improve.

Are you a technophobe worried about your online presence, do you have particular questions you would like to ask? Why not comment below and we will come back to you with some answers, but make sure you start this journey because if you don’t then another technophobe is going to beat you to the prize and take the reward of all that business away from you. You cannot sit back and wait for a better time, inaction is going to set you so far behind you will constantly be playing catch up instead of leading your market field.


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