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Twitter Lists and Making Your Twitter Work

Following a great post on twitter lists by the social media examiner, I am going to expand on those points and maybe add some extra points. There are two types of list public and private, plus you can join other people’s public lists. Whilst it might seem like a lot of work to categorise your followers into relevant lists, it really is worthwhile.

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1/ Put your competitors into a list and call it Competition (if you make your lists public, then you will need to give the name a twist that doesnt give away your intent through the list name). By putting users into a list you can simply view that particular list and cut away all of the noise that is irrelevant to your purpose. This will apply to all of the points below.You can monitor anything they do and copy or ignore campaigns that are successful or not.

2/ Find industry thought leaders and put them into a list like industry giants. This list should definitely be public, as they will feel preened by being named into such a group with elite others. This is your important list, where you will spend a lot of time, retweeting and interacting. This will give you exposure and reach that is incredibly useful.

3/ Create an employee list, so that you can integrate them into your strategy and guide them in an effective twitter policy.

4/ Create an event list, for forthcoming events, to develop relationships before you even attend the event.

5/ Create a customer list (valued clients?) again, think of the kudos, and share offers and specials with them, retweet and interact regularly.

6/ Create a fan list and give extra value to these people who engage and share your stuff.

Lastly, whilst not a part of lists, it could be (create a list for live streams). Use an App such as Meerkat or Periscope to create a live stream in your feed. Ideal for showcasing products, or answering questions on your products. This is the future. At the moment Periscope is owned by twitter so is the preferred choice, however Meerkat is potentially going to add the ability to feed into Facebook, which is a game changer. Something to think about but really great for a business selling products to the market.

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