Website Checklist

Website Checklist – Things to Think About

Before you start, take the time now to really think about what you want from the web site and how you want your customer to use it. Identify with your customer and exactly what their needs might be. This will really target all of your thoughts and ideas and make the whole process much more streamlined.

How do you want your website to look – customer perspective

What sort of layout are you looking for, i.e. number of columns, vertical or horizontal menus.

Give three example websites you like the look of and three you do not like. What is it about the sites that you like and or dislike?
What colours do you like?
What are your trying to portray to the reader?
Do you want your pages printable?
Graphical, photographic or informational or a combination?
Do you have photos to hand, or do they need to be sourced?
Do you have your logo and company brand?
Do you have a tag line or an elevator pitch of your business?
How are you going to be found?
How are you going to track customers and create repeat business?
Social proof and identities?
Do you want to establish credibility?
Describe products or services?
Complete online sales?
Communicate brand identity?
Who is your target audience?
How will they visit the site, PC, tablet or phone?
What will your audience be looking for?
What questions do you regularly get asked by your customers?
What would you like to do to WOW your customers online?
Have you bought the domain name?
Who is hosting the site?
Have you considered backups of the site data?
Ongoing work?
What pages do you need?
Who is supplying the copy?
Do you have a plan ready to continue with updating copy on the site?
How would you like to measure the site performance?

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