What is Plasti-dipping? Dip Your Car???

Those of you who follow this blog have probably gathered that I’m into cars. More into the different ways you can modify a car to stand out from the crowd.

So most people know that if you wanted to change the colour of your car, you can of course, have it sprayed (quite pricey!). Less people know that you can get your entire car wrapped in a vinyl to change the colour or make it look completely different with colours, patterns or prints. But what is “Plasti-dipping”?? I wanted to share a recent discovery of mine because even I hadn’t heard about this.

I’d heard of hydro dipping which is where you have a huge tub of chemicals and you lay a pattern on the surface (I don’t know the details about hydro-dipping so I’m welcome for you to correct me where I’m wrong!). You then go ahead and dip whatever it is you wanted to apply the pattern to into this tub at an angle. It’s a pretty cool process but when I heard of plasti-dipping I got this crazy idea of trying to hoist a car up and dip it into this tub!

Nah, Plasti-dipping is done by spraying this plastic coating over the car. As you can see the results are pretty awesome and as well as not being as expensive as spraying your car the usual way, it peels off if you’re not happy with it as well! Not that you’d even think of doing that to the porsche above! This makes it a firm favourite for the three options for the DIY people out there. What do you make of it? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Nice work dipyourcar.com!

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