Young Business Minds 2014

Recently, I was entered into the Young Business Minds award 2014. What this is is a competition between sixth forms from around Kent and Sussex to enter a valid business plan, complete with marketing plans, financial forecasts and research, to be judged by a panel of business owners from around Uckfield.

So, in my last few weeks of college, I was fortunate enough to be entered as I was taking business studies. We got ourselves in a group, came up with the idea and worked on how to present it. We didn’t want to use an existing idea but as I had my experience in the print trade we chose to focus on one aspect of print and that was vinyls. We called the business “URART”

Only three teams from our school were allowed to go through. I spent ages with my team, going over every detail. On the day it came across just how we’d hoped. The teachers were impressed and within a couple of days we found out we were going through.

Now it was time for the big one. One of my team members was holidaying in France, so it was only me and my friend Chris left to present to the panel of businessmen. We walked into the East Sussex National Hotel lobby and waited to be called.

So – we were called, we presented and we answered all the questions we could. The panel were all very supportive with the input they gave and told us we would know in a couple of weeks time.

Then, in a couple of weeks, we were back at the East Sussex National. We were taken into this large room with all the entrants from other schools. We each listened to each others ideas until we found out who the top four teams were. URART was one of them. I was sweating, I could barely speak and I was trembling all over. I had worked so hard and to get this far. Just to get to the final stage was a fantastic opportunity – to win it would mean the world. It was down to the final two. URART and a team from another school called Keepsake which was an idea for a phone case that charges your phone wirelessly. It was a brilliant idea and I couldn’t tell who it was going to be but, the winner was URART.

This post is mainly to say a big thank you to everyone. This has honestly been one of the greatest achievements of my life and I’m so happy to have taken part. I’m grateful to Uckfield College who over the course of this academic year have taken me from a D grade at A-level to winning this competition. Business Studies has been one of my favourite lessons of the year and I really appreciate all their work.

A thank you to the Judging panel as well: James Duggan from Simmons Gainsford, Hamish Smith from Rix & Kay, Adrian Corbin from Scientifica and Neil Edwards from the Marketing Eye. The advice you gave us we will be taking on board. But winning this competition has been a real boost and we look forward to making SMP the best it can be.

If you would like to read more about the Young Business Minds competition, please visit the Marketing Eyes website.


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